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While Christal started writing songs and poems in junior high, she start learning guitar and seriously pursuing music until 2008 during her senior year of high school. 

Christal recorded her first song "Friends Like Me" with guitar teacher and long time musician friend, Matthew Bailey (MGB/One Man Band). Over the years, Christal honed her guitar and songwriting skills, drawing inspiration from musical legends such as Tori Kelly, India Arie, Switchfoot and Kim Walker-Smith (Jesus Culture). 

For the last 8 years, Christal has worked with local bands such as Staff Infection and Randolph Street Blues Band, performing regularly as local festivals. She also regularly leads worship at various Chicagoland churches and open mics alike.

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Gone - Single

It's been a few years and the pain of losing Karen has remained a source of inspiration for me. This song is for all those struggling to let go of the loved ones they've lost.

Expression, The EP

This EP is where it all started. It was my initial "hello" to the world as a serious artist. Comprised of original songs and poems, I express the views of 25 year old Christal, walking through life with her heart on her sleeve and her dreams on the tip of her tongue...

Christmas Time Again - Single

Some of my best Christmas memories revolve around the songs I'd sing with my mom as we decorated and baked cookies for Santa. As a songwriter, it's my dream to be a part of the fond memories other families as they celebrate the Christmas season. Merry Christmas to all :)

You Never Fail - Single

This song is a miracle in itself. After only three weeks of knowing and fighting an aggressive tumor, my oldest sister and best friend Karen died on October 3, 2016. I wrote this song two weeks before she died, hoping to use it as a way to raise funds for her treatment. Instead, it was used to celebrate her homegoing, as her life and its affect on others was truly a miraculous sign that God never fails us...

Know You Are (Beautiful) - Single

It has always been my mission to inspire people, especially young women, to really know their worth and to embrace their true identity. This song captures the passion I have to shine the light on others. The world we live in constantly miseducates us on the concept of beauty and self value. I want people to always know they are truly beautiful...

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