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Viral Vids:  A Guided Content Journal for Increased Engagement on TikTok 


From casual viewers to professional creators, many have made the migration to TikTok's platform and found themselves wondering how to attract and engage followers with compelling content.


This guided content journal outlines specific lessons learned on an influencer's journey from 30K to over 400K followers in less than eight months.


This journal is designed to help you:

  • Learn the types of content that yield viral results

  • Understand how to package your content to reach specific goals

  • Expose the pitfalls many creators fall into on TikTok

  • Identify everything you need to get started with creating content

  • Organize your creative thoughts

  • Make an actionable plan for your content

And so much more!

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30 Days of Change: Exchanging Tears for Joy gives personal insight into the heart-healing process, offering the reader the opportunity to find healing and joy through a series of letters written to God.


Christal Luster shares her personal testimony and the God-inspired revelations she received during the healing process. "I found my will to forgive when I realized that unforgiveness was exhausting and fruitless, but, more importantly, when I realized that I just wanted to be a better person, a Christ-like person.


I was tired of finding myself in the same shameful cycles every year. I wanted real change in my life, so I was willing to do whatever it took." Join Christal on this journey and start your healing process today!

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