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Christal Luster is a Chicago-based singer/songwriter, actress, published author, speaker and entrepreneur. 


Specializing in folk, blues and contemporary Christian genres, Christal is a freelance worship leader, and fronts a blues and a rock band both out of Homewood, IL.

In 2016, Christal released her  EP “Expression,” which is composed of original songs and poems that give the listener an inspirational message drawn from Christal’s life. 


Also in 2016, she published her first book 30 Days of Change: Exchanging Tears of Joy, wherein she walks the reader through her miraculous journey from heartbreak & rejection to a place of healing & wholeness.

In March 2018, Christal was signed by Gill Talent Group inciting a growing career in film. Time spent in front of the camera also sparked an interest in production. That spark has fueled an ever growing passion that led her to start Christal Clear Productions, LLC--a boutique content creation company that specializes in serving small business owners and creatives alike.


Member of the well-established entrepreneurial family of the Lusters, Christal has been groomed to be an entrepreneur since birth. She has gained hands-on experience in leadership, business development, marketing and online sales for several years at her family's business Essations, Inc.


Christal is the happy wife of Samuel Boynes, lover of tacos and cheesy rom-coms. 

Christal values her faith in God, her strong bonds with family and friends, and her mission to leave a positive mark on this world.